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Welcome to Fund A Flip, where we make it possible for all Real Estate Investors, regardless of their financial situation to buy and sell properties quickly and easily at substantial profits.

Sharp investors know that buying and reselling properties quickly, without the hassle of repairs, tenants, and long term financing is a powerful way to generate huge cash profits quickly. 2 things are required. You must buy at a deep discount and you must have the ability to re-sell quickly. To re-sell quickly in a challenging Real Estate market is easy, when you sell at a deep discount. So, stated differently, you simply “Buy Low & Sell Low”.

“It’s easy to sell houses quickly, in any market, when you sell them cheap!” - Cameron Dunlap

“R.E.O.” Foreclosure Properties, Short Sales, Realtor® (MLS) Listed Properties

  1. We provide our clients with “Proof of Funds Availability” so you can make offers on properties where the seller or seller’s agent requires it. This opens the door of opportunity for many people, who otherwise could not participate, to buy and sell properties at huge profits. Are you one of them?

  2. Then, and perhaps more importantly, when a Simultaneous or Back-To-Back Closing is used the buy and re-sell the property and realize your profit, we provide funding for the first transaction, where you are the buyer, making the successful transaction possible.

  3. We provide simple step-by-step training so that you can use our services to make BIG money in Real Estate now, in the current market. Our founder, Cameron Dunlap has been changing the lives of good folks like you since 1995, by providing training and support in all areas of Real Estate.
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