Unlimited Verifiable Proof of Funds

Most banks require you to prove you have the funding available to fulfill your end of the contract. You will need a verifiable proof of funds letter in order to show that you do have the funding. With Fund-A-Flip, you’ll have unlimited access to verifiable proof of funds letters and..

  • Generate verifiable proof of funds letters for offers up to $1,000,000.
  • There is no limitation on how many letters you can generate!
  • Cameron will personally back every verifiable proof of funds letter if requested.
  • The letters can be generated instantly right within your account.
  • Have access to Cameron’s verifiable proof of funds and funding for LIFE!

If you are already a member of ours, you can now use your dashboard to access ALL of the features of our program in one place. Login below with your verifiable proof of funds email and password and your dashboard account will be setup immediately.

Once you are logged in click on “proof of funds” to generate your letters.

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Not a member yet but need funding?

Get more information on how you can have access to funding for all of your deals! Cameron created a training webinar that goes over the ins and outs of this program and how YOU can grow your business and profits quickly using it.

REI Trifecta

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