REI Trifecta Testimonials

Look at the profits generated from some of the most recent deals we have funded!

Hear how Fund-A-Flip has helped others. Click on any of the files below to play them.

Our students are eager to share their success with us! Cameron recently asked several of our students that are busy taking action and doing deals to jump on his Deal Maker Webinars to break down the following:

  • What’s working right now in today’s market!
  • How they found their deals and got them sold fast!
  • How the funding process worked and what you need to know!
  • What roadblocks they encountered and how they got past them!
  • And more!

Deal Maker #1 – Vivian Harris

Listen as Vivan shares how she used the Offer Generator to help put her deal together and make $7,309.

Deal Maker #2 – John Bender

John’s initial funding, with an outside party, disappeared without warning leaving him high and dry. Here’s how he used our funding program to put the property back under contract for $10,000 cheaper than before and make just over $18,000 in profits!

Deal Maker #3 – Marcia Dillon

Listen to Marcia’s story and learn how she was able to flip 2 deals, one within 2 weeks of getting my funding program, for a combined profit of $12,500!

Deal Maker #4 – FelixLiu

Short sales are a challenge but this student has got it nailed. We’ve funded a bunch of deals for him. In this short and interesting audio interview you’ll learn about what he’s doing and how he’s doing it. He’s what we affectionately refer to in my office as a serial funding client!

Deal Maker #5 – Jeff Chandler

Hear how Jeff and Chris are well on their way to reaching their goals of a 7 figure income, spending more time with their families, donating to charities and traveling!

Deal Maker #6 – Richard Pope

In this interview Richard walks me through a short sale deal that he recently wholesaled using my funding and hits on some great points that I know you’ll find informative…..maybe even a few tips that can help you with a deal you may be working on right now!

Deal Maker #7 – John Witfield

Hear my interview with John below. John’s from Kansas and I’ve funded over 12 deals for him. He’s also a licensed Real Estate Agent… so for anyone who’s been struggling with a Realtor telling them “this can’t be done,” here are 12 reasons to PROVE that YES, IT CAN!

Deal Maker #8 – Leon Felder

I recently sat down with Leon Felder and his 16-year-old son, Will, to learn how they worked together to make over $12,000 in profits on one deal! This is the Felder’s second deal using my NO FEE transactional funding and you’ll notice when you listen in how excited they are to spread the word about the power of the REI Trifecta!

Deal Maker #9 – Michael Owens

I recently sat down with Michael Owens, a recent funding client, to learn how he turned an “accidental” distressed property find into an over $14,000 profit!

Deal Maker #10 – Mike Pinnock

I recently sat down with Mike, who’s one of our no fee funding clients, to learn how he took an average $10K deal and turned it into a $53K profit on one deal! As you’ll see, he took me by quite a happy surprise!

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